Speed Anatomy Quiz Free

Description how fast do you point your gall bladder at your liver? tell me the difference between the urinate and the auricle? speed anatomy is an addictive game that tests your speed and challenges your knowledge of human anatomy it’s the funniest anatomy quiz around Don’t use boring flashcards when you could use Speed Anatomy! … Read more

Medical Terminology Quiz Game: Trivia App

Description do you find medical questions difficult to remember? is it a tedious chore to pour knowledge across your brains? Or the game is different for you! do you really want to learn medical abbreviations? Explore this super-easy trivia app for the best memory tricks. This Medical Game – Human Anatomy Quiz and Physiology Quiz … Read more

MindDoc: Your Companion

Description the minddoc app is a leading monitoring and self-management app for promoting emotional well-being and coping with such mental illnesses as depression anxiety insomnia and eating disordersour questions insights courses and exercises have been developed by clinical psychologists and are aligned with international treatment guidelines for mental disorders this protocol is supplemented by training … Read more

Staying Alive

Description staying alive provides defibrillator mapping and citizen response management The App is available in 18 languages and maps over 120.000 defibrillators worldwide.Staying Alive is an award winning free App designed and developed by AEDMAP.Main features include:- AED location : locate the 10 closest AEDs near you or in a specific address, through the use … Read more


Description this app contains psychological tests about several issues that patients often consult a mental health professional about Its content is simple to understand and very useful. You will be able to learn, consult, and evaluate many characteristics about your personality and also if you suffer from anxiety disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders, addiction problems, … Read more

Blood Pressure Log – MyDiary

Description Blood Pressure Log with reminders, lots of statistics, and ability to export data. the app does not measure blood pressure – it is very easy to add blood pressure measurements thanks to a clean user interface and a dedicated keypad the blood pressure registrar can be viewed not only in a table but also … Read more

My Brain Anatomy

Description My Brain Anatomy app for studying brain anatomy whichallows you to rotate 360° , Zoom and move camera around a highly realistic 3D model.My Brain Anatomy gives users an in depth look at the heart allowing them to select , xray view, hide and show parts of the heart as well as view real … Read more

Fruits Games – Exercise Memory

Description Memo Fruits Games is a fun memory game. the rules of the game are very simple – touch and discover the card if in turn find two of the same cards then disappear the aim of the game is to match all the cards of every level of the game Can you remember all … Read more

Safe Delivery

Description the safe delivery app uses animated instructions to guide healthcare workers in basic obstetric and newborn care It includes videos, quizzes, descriptions of practical procedures, and drug lists that midwives and healthcare workers can always refer to – on the job, as part of your training, and in your spare time.The Safe Delivery App … Read more

Castlight Mobile

Description does your employer have access to castlight? If so, you and your dependents can download Castlight Mobile: a personal healthcare dashboard that helps you find affordable and high quality care, anytime, anywhere.Key features:Find care – Search for a doctor near you. Results are always in-network and include personalized cost estimates and quality data so … Read more