Matrices and Determinants

Description This mathematics application “Matrices and determinants” is a complete reference for matrix algebra and its mathematical operations for various applications. we tried our best to cover almost all topics – explanations here you can find all topics of matrices and determinants like DEFINITIONS TYPES OF MATRICES,EQUALITY OF MATRICES,ALGEBRA OF MATRICES,PROPERTIES OF MATRIX ADDITION,MULTIPLICATION OF … Read more

Telugu Stories (moral)

Description Telugu moral stories is a bunch of small easily understandable “Telugu stories” with moral flavors like happiness, friendship, sportiness, helping others, self-respect, study value, money value, human relationships……Stories are categorized into above Morals. You can easily read the stories in Moral wise…..You can favorite the stories too. all stories are written in telugu You … Read more

Tes IQ dan Psikotes

Description Anda dapat mengetes seberapa tinggi IQ anda dan mengetahui hasilnya dalam satu kali tes.Dan di dalam aplikasi ini terdapat beberapa jenis soal psikotes di antaranya adalah :- Tes Deret Angka- Tes Deret Huruf- Tes Persamaan Kata- Tes Lawan Kata- Tes Analogi Verbal- dan akan masih ditambah lagiTes IQ dan psikotes ini sangat berguna untuk … Read more

Human body (male) educational VR 3D

Description this animation introduces the most important organ systems of the human bodyour 3d scenes have been designed for students between 8 and 18 years of age but can be interesting for anyone Available languages: English, American English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Русский, العربية, 日本語, 中文, 한국어, Italiano, Português, Svenska, Türkçe, Nederlands, Norsk, Polski, MagyarWith the … Read more

Picmonic: Nursing school RN LPN NP NCLEX AANP ANCC

Description ridiculously efficient Unbelievably effective. Make Studying Fun & Remember More in Less Time with Picmonic, the world’s best mnemonic video & spaced repetition quizzing study tool that’s research-proven to increase memory retention 331%! 10,000+ quiz questions & 1,000+ entertaining mnemonic videos covering all major subjects. more than a half million students participate in the … Read more


Description you are the master sushi make your own fun sushi with daizu the skunkthis app is designed to allow kids to be creative by decorating their original sushi Serve your delicious, mysterious or impossible sushi to the people of “Tofu Island”! how about creating some really authentic sushi? Spice it up with tons of … Read more

Belajar Huruf dan Angka

Description Bismillahirrahmanirrahim,Belajar Huruf Angka dan Warna ini adalah sebuah aplikasi edukasi menarik yang akan senantiasa menemani anak-anak usia pra-sekolah untuk Belajar Mengenal Huruf, Belajar Mengenal Abjad, Belajar ABC, Belajar Mengenal Angka, dan Belajar Mengenal Warna sehingga si anak bisa bermain sambil belajar. Dengan aplikasi Belajar Huruf ini, diharapkan anak-anak bisa lebih cepat mengerti huruf, angka, … Read more

Vocabulary Builder: Daily Word

Description ★ Over ~2 MILLION people have used this free vocabulary app to learn, practice and play vocabulary quizzes on ~1700 English words offline, for exam and test prep (like GRE), or to leave an impression in their personal/professional lives. To join them and boost your vocab, download the app now! ★ Why users love … Read more

Kadamkadhakal Malayalam

Description Kadamkadhakal (Riddles) Malayalam is a fun filled free app. By downloading this app you can read hundreds of riddles and their answers with just a touch. all you have to do is touch the mystery a new page will appear where you can see the answer as well as the riddle the most important … Read more

Solar Walk 2 Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System

Description Meet an awesome 3D model of our Solar system to explore space, spacecraft, and planets in real time without visiting planetarium. Solar Walk 2 Free:Encyclopedia of the Solar System is a digital guide of our Solar system and a great alternative to the old paper atlases for learning about space exploration and the universe … Read more