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can the magic of magic change the world? Battle dragons, skyships, and evil Inquisitors, as you protect your homeland, conquer it, or destroy it forever. choice of magics is a 550000-word interactive post-apocalyptic fantasy by kevin gold the author of the best-selling game choice of robots It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.Thousands of years ago, the ancients destroyed civilization with five schools of magic. usually spells of any kind come with a terrible price Glamor charms your adversaries, rotting your body from the inside. divination reveals hidden secrets you expose to others Automation gives objects the spark of life, destabilizing the climate. vivomancy can heal or change living things with strange side effects Blast your enemies with Negation energy, forming permanent clouds of deadly fallout.As a young scrounger of antiquities, you hope to build your ruined world anew with these rediscovered spells. Now you must decide which of these magics can transform your post-apocalyptic society, and what you’ll risk to bring hope and light to your kinsmen.• Play as male, female, or non-binary; straight, gay, bi, or ace.• Design your own pet, hatch a baby dragon, and build your own golems.• Win a war, win the crown, or win your best friend’s heart.• Transform an evil Inquisitor into a talking tortoise, out for revenge. soon )• Collect magic items: rings of power, an alchemy set, a “light sword” (wink, wink)• Romance your village’s geeky mayor, a goofy swordfighter, or even the queen.• Help a stuffed monkey to repaint all of the murals in the Cathedral dungeon.• Test out the mayor’s new board game.• With over 30 different endings, and 100 achievements, there will always be another secret to uncover.Can you bring the world back from ruin and shape a new society? Use your magics well, and you could become as a god; use your magics poorly and destroy the world all over again.

Online Mod Tool (Download APK)

Developer: Choice of Games LLC | Category: Role Playing | Google Play

Choice of Magics Mod APK

Choice of Magics Mod APK 2022 for Android – Simple online hack tool to add unlimited money to any app. Support both Android and iOS device.


  1. Click the Online Mod Tool button to visit the Mod page
  2. Enter account username if required.
  3. Select desired resources from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter value to modify.
  5. Wait for resources to be generated.
  6. Complete the human verification process if required.
  7. Once completed, relaunch Choice of Magics for resources to be applied.

Mod features:

  • Remove Ads / Unlock Premium
  • Unlimited Money / Resources

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