Anagram Solver

Description FEATURES★ Super fast search of over 400,000 words and phrases★ Multi-word anagrams★ Blank letters for board games★ Powerful filters to refine your results★ Look up word definitionsANAGRAMSTry moonstarer to find astronomer, also finds smaller words such as resonator and tearooms.BLANK LETTERSUse + to represent blank letters, enter scrabb++ to find crabbers and scrabble.DEFINITIONSHold a … Read more

POC Bible (Malayalam)

Description *v1.2 (updates):- Added zoom controls on each screen to adjust font size.- ‘Move to sd card’ feature added.- Facebook Integration: Long press on any verse to post the verse with your message.- UI for ldpi & mdpi screen devices updated*v1.1 (updates):- Acts of the Apostle empty content fix- App Min version required raised to … Read more

PunjSurah – پنجسورہ‎

Description A totally fresh beautiful look with tons of other useful features to help in daily recitation. Understand the true meaning of the PunjSurah with translations feature and gather immense blessings with vast variety of Durood Pak collection.PunjSurah TranslationsNow the popular PunjSurah comes with translations. you can read the translations in english and urdu line … Read more

Game Master 5th Edition

Description Take command of your Dungeons & Dragons game with Game Master 5th Edition. This DM tool makes building a campaign easy and takes a lot of the hassle of out of running a game so that you can focus on more important things.Combat TrackerRoll initiative, track hit points and conditions, view monster stat blocks, … Read more

The Book of Mormon

Description Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the word of God, like the Bible. Both books contain God’s guidance as revealed to prophets, as well as religious histories of different civilizations. while the bible is written by and about the people in the land of israel and surrounding areas and takes … Read more

Estudo bíblico em profundidade

Description Estudos bíblicos em profundidade na doutrina cristã básica que cada crente deve saber. Estes princípios devem ser incorporados em nós para aprender cada dia mais a esse Deus maravilhoso que temos.A ferramenta incorpora um Bíblia de Estudo off-line para completar os estudos e ter uma melhor compreensão da BíbliaSaiba tudo Bíblia nos ensina saturada … Read more

Mechanics – Physics

Description this application for mechanics is one of the best learning tools for students and teachers of physics to learn the important concepts of newtonian mechanicsit covers almost all topics Online Mod Tool (Download APK) Developer: Learner’s Series | Category: Books & Reference | Google Play Mechanics – Physics Mod APK Mechanics – Physics Mod … Read more

Tenali Raman Stories in Tamil

Description Download the Tenali Raman stories app and get the following features :–> The simple and entertaining stories of comic poet Tenali Raman–> Night mode facility to enable reading in dim light.Tenali Ramakrishna, who was known as Vikatakavi (jester poet), was a Telugu poet who hailed from the present-day Andhra Pradesh region, generally known for … Read more

HOOKED – Chat Stories

Description get hooked on captivating stories don’t miss these super-popular videos and stories everybody is obsessed with New stories added daily. Online Mod Tool (Download APK) Developer: Telepathic | Category: Books & Reference | Google Play HOOKED – Chat Stories Mod APK HOOKED – Chat Stories Mod APK 2022 for Android – Simple online hack … Read more

Ziyarat e Ashura زیارت عاشوراء‎

Description Complete Ziyarat e Ashura (زیارت عاشوراء) with English , Urdu and Farsi translations .Salih Bin Aqabah and Sayf ibn Umayrah have reported “Alqamah ibn Muhammad al-Hadrami as saying that he, once, asked Imam al-Baqir, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, to teach him a prayer with which he would pray Almighty Allah on … Read more