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you can play the game offline [Event] Complete the tutorial now and get 3 Squadron! (Supplies -> Customize -> F.Squadron / B.Squadron)  – Complete Historical battles and get rewards including the Xaviet Air Force Squadron! – HD textures of the new and improved Historical Squadron (Completed)[Please reinstall the game if you can not get pass Stage 0! ][Before changing to another device or formatting your device. be sure to use the ‘cloud save’ feature you can check this in settings please use the same account on google ]You can play legendary World War 1 and World War 2 air combat without any controls.Upgrade your squadron by air combat and air raid.who will be reach the jet era first?▶ Play Historical Battle- Become the commander of historic military operation, like a Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Pacific War, and the Operation yellow.▶ Upgrade your air fleet with budget that earned automatically.- From the WW1 biplane to WW2 jet fighter! (Spitfire / Bf109 / Fw190 / Me262 and more) and Bomber (Lancaster / Ju88 / He111 / B-17 Flying Fortress / B-29 Superfortress / IL-4 / Halifax)▶ Shoot down the enemy planes with machine gun and Anti aircraft guns.- Aim the machine gun to the enemy to protect the bombers!▶ Take the air superiority!- Take down the enemy squadrons!▶ Perform the air raid mission.- Drop the bomb accurately and earn the huge budget!▶ Overpower enemies with overwhelming technology.- Upgrade your item to the maximum!▶ Show your legendary achievement to the enemy.- Awarded medals and put on your uniform to earn a special ability.▶ Manage your front with allies!- Communicate with ally using secret telegrams!▶ Observe the dynamic air warfare!- Watch realistic air combat in sunny weather, snow storms and thunderstorms!※ Minimum specifications: Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 LTE-A / LG G2 or higher (2GB RAM or Higher RAM)※ Official websiteFacebook: Cafe:※ Developer contact:[email protected]※ FAQ1. The use of camouflage and historical squadron of your aircraft can be checked from the ‘Supplies – Customize’ menu.2. mission points can be earned each day on the completion of missions You can check it in ‘Mission’ menu.3. implementing the z-axis is a matter of optimization and difficulty issues so we still need to discuss with developers4 the reason the aircrafts are white and red at the beginning of the game is because the concept is a flat graphic design However, at the request of many of you, we have added a historical squadron.5. In order to solve the repetitive and boring part of the game, we plan contents such as base management, pilot management, history battlefield. However, it should not hurt the existing game elements, so it will take a lot of trouble and it is not yet clear when to update.6. there are many points about the quality of translation this problem is a result of the machine translation and verification of military non-experts we are trying to improve but since the game is continually updated we plan to fix translation at the same time when the entire game flow is completed7 we are considering adding languages such as japanese spanish thai and italian but most of the translators that we can hire because of the financial limitations of our team are non-experts and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of translation right now

Online Mod Tool (Download APK)

Developer: MASTGames | Category: Simulation | Google Play

Air Fleet Command : WW2 – Bomber Crew (Offline) Mod APK

Air Fleet Command : WW2 – Bomber Crew (Offline) Mod APK 2022 for Android – Simple online hack tool to add unlimited money to any app. Support both Android and iOS device.


  1. Click the Online Mod Tool button to visit the Mod page
  2. Enter account username if required.
  3. Select desired resources from the drop-down list.
  4. Enter value to modify.
  5. Wait for resources to be generated.
  6. Complete the human verification process if required.
  7. Once completed, relaunch Air Fleet Command : WW2 – Bomber Crew (Offline) for resources to be applied.

Mod features:

  • Remove Ads / Unlock Premium
  • Unlimited Money / Resources

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