Would you sell your soul?

Description is it possible for someone to sell his soul? interactive story games guilty paradeChoice games.This app will bring a unique and fun twist to choose your own story adventures. you’ll love making choices in this interactive story game one choice can change everything please bring me back to life “Even if I have to … Read more

ON-SEN – escape game –

Description You realized that you were all alone in a outdoor hot spring bath.Find items and solve the mysteries to break out of the ONSEN.[Game controls]- Simple escape game playing with only tapping.- Hold the item to enlarge.- You may need to use an item to activate another item. Online Mod Tool (Download APK) Developer: … Read more

Stray Souls 2 Free. Mystical Hidden Object Game

Description ONE OF THE BEST MYSTICAL DETECTIVE GAMES FOR FREE IN GENRES “HIDDEN OBJECT” AND “I FIND” IS ALREADY HERE AND READY TO PAY YOUR ATTENTION!Guide a mother who pursues a terrifying apparition into a twisted dark reality to save her daughter. as you explore and discover a strange town in which a mysterious evil … Read more

The TREASURE – Escape Game –

Description find the hidden treasure and escape from here you are trapped in a small room with no doors Escape from here.・What’s Room Escape Game ?Room Escape Game is a game that you explore inside a closed room, find the items and solve the riddles, and finally find an exit.・When you can’t solve riddlesIf you … Read more

Idle Cow Clicker Games Offline

Description Idle Cow Clicker Game is the newly update with most interesting fastest tapping games feature. Tap as much faster as you can and generate tons of cheese, to be the best in tycoon games. If you want to get rich and can tap faster enough, then cow idle game is specifically for you. Earn … Read more

The mysterious ship

Description Fog floating in the cold sea. A cry came from the depths of darkness.A fishing boat drifting with a smell of blood. how did they end up? You reproduce one after another horrible story when finding the truth.Anyway you must be careful! and Do not get lost in this extreme panic!This is a classic … Read more

Dinosaurs Hunting 3D Wild Hunt

Description Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting gameIn this hunter age hunting, your way hunting games to the full weapons Jurassic arsenal to deer hunter have a free hunting games choice of weapons for carnivores and to increase your chances for carnivores dinosaur of survival and carnivore more high powered weapons which helps in hunting of dinosaur hunter … Read more

My Horse Prince

Description -Will you be my owner?-There stands a horse with a handsome human face.Before you know it, you agree to start training him…Is this a dream or a nightmare?Life on this strange ranch awaits…■Gameplay-Items appear with time-Tap items to get points-Points are determined by energy level-Talk to boost your horse’s energy-Earn the amount of points … Read more

Rescue the Enchanter Lite

Description this is a free to test version of the app You are starting the adventure, then will have the opportunity to purchase and unlock the full game later. continue the adventure of the enchanted worlds in this much longer point and click puzzle adventure game search for an enchanter who has been enchanted by … Read more

Round Tofu in Instant Fried

Description The Tabul is a small round, savory and crispy tofu. he tried to escape and run away from the hot frying pan His adventure is very exciting with obstacles and obstacles as well as evil enemies that must be passed by Tahu Bulat. Come on an adventure with the funny Tofu Round and help … Read more